Our Inspiration

Years of laughter, tears, and memories are etched on mature skin, telling a unique story of its journey. This experience leads us to the prime time of our life, where we embrace the wisdom and beauty that comes with time. We believe age is not a barrier to feeling confident and comfortable in our skin; it's an opportunity to celebrate individuality and embrace the skin we're in.

About us

Our ancestors turned to nature for healing remedies. Infusions were brewed with various plants and herbs, and we use this ancient knowledge by incorporating infusions into our daily skincare rituals. Discover the transformative power of Infuse, the smart skincare solution formulated to address the unique needs of mature skin. Formulated with the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and the power of cutting-edge science, active ingredients from culture-inspired rituals nourish your skin.

Fancy seeing you here!

I'm Lara, a unique combination of Jewish and Latina, outspoken and tenacious by nature, armed with grit and a sexy accent.

After years in the beauty and fashion industries, I noticed a recurring frustration: It was a challenge to find products specifically tailored to mature skin. The market was flooded with offerings for the general population and specific skin concerns, but there was a gap for skincare solutions that catered to the needs of mature skin.

Determined to fill this void, I embarked on a journey to create products that celebrate and nurture mature skin. My mission became clear: to provide a line of beauty products designed to enhance and embrace the unique beauty that comes with age. 

Let’s redefine beauty standards and revel in the confidence that comes from embracing our skin's timeless allure.