What Is Mature Skin? A Complete Guide

What is considered mature skin?

Thanks to the recent and ever-evolving advances in skincare technology and science, women live healthier, more fulfilling, and longer lives. With such advances, it is no surprise that most of us want skin that reflects that. As your body's largest organ, your skin acts as a protective barrier that defends and protects you, so it's only natural that you should look after it so it can continue to perform at its peak for years to come. 

Whether you're starting your skincare journey with anti-aging products or are 60 and looking to maintain your mature skin, you're in the right place. Here, we will explain what mature skin is and share a few mature skin tips.

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What Is Mature Skin?

As skin ages, its cell turnover rate starts to reduce, sebum secretions begin to lessen, and collagen production slows down, all of which lead to the development of mature skin.

Mature skin can typically be identified by:

  • Dull appearance
  • Age spots
  • Dark pigmentation
  • Dryness
  • More fine lines
  • Wrinkles

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What Are the Best Mature Skin Tips?

If you have mature skin, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Below, we have shared a few of the best tips you should consider following if you want to protect your mature skin and keep it healthy and glowing: 

  • Before going outdoors, always apply sunscreen to protect the skin that your clothing doesn’t cover. You should make use of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 or higher with water resistance.
  • Avoid indoor tanning with sun lamps or tanning beds, which can expose you to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and accelerate skin aging. 
  • As skin ages, it becomes drier, causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Daily moisturizer can help trap water in the skin, giving it a youthful look. However, using a skin, body, and lip moisturizer in tandem is recommended for the best results.
  • Try to wash your face at least twice daily; however, remember that how you wash your face can affect its overall appearance. Therefore, you should wash your face with warm water and mild skin cleanser instead of soap for the best results. Additionally, avoid scrubbing your skin clean, as this can cause damage.
  • Refrain from smoking. Cigarettes and tobacco products contain harmful toxins that can cause smoker’s face. Signs of a smoker's face include: dry and dull complexion, premature wrinkles and lines, leathery skin, and loss of skin firmness.
  • Eating good foods and maintaining a nutritional diet promotes healthier skin. So, ensure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, and lean proteins. 
  • Sleep can impact skin health. Getting enough sleep gives the body time to rest, refresh, and renew itself. They don't call it “beauty sleep” for nothing.

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Wrap-Up on Mature Skincare

Now that you know more about mature skin and the best tips to follow, you may wonder what the next step in your skincare journey will be. 

Tired-looking mature skin doesn't have to be your new normal; instead, your next step should be to use skincare products that will help you to make your skin look flawless like the ones Infuse offers. These products are made for mature skin of all types, fragrance-free, and also perfect for sensitive skin.

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