Skin-Tightening Treatments: What You Need to Know

 skin tightening treatments

When it comes to facial skin-tightening treatments, there are many options. If you are unfamiliar with skin-tightening, it generally involves shrinking or lifting areas of loose skin. In this blog of infuse skin care, we'll share everything you need to know about skin-tightening treatments.

Why Should You Consider Non-Surgical Skin-Tightening Treatments?

Our bodies have two proteins specifically related to the skin: collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for our skin's firmness and plumpness. However, as we age, the production of these two proteins drops, resulting in sagging skin.

Many people who are bothered by sagging skin (especially around the face and neck) consider skin-tightening treatments to restore the skin to a more youthful appearance. 

There are surgical and non-surgical treatments for skin tightening. Non-surgical procedures are usually temporary with little to no recovery time but require repeat treatments to maintain results.


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Benefits of Non-Surgical Skin-Tightening

  • In-office treatments like chemical peels can usually be done in less than an hour.
  • Non-surgical skin-tightening, like skin-firming creams, can tighten loose skin on the neck, body, or face.
  • The risk of negative effects is very low.
  • Results can last up to one year

What Are the Best Skin-Tightening Treatments?

Some of the best non-surgical treatments are easily done and can be life-changing. This is especially true for treatments that tighten facial skin. Some options for you to look into are:

Skin-Firming Creams

These creams have many ingredients that aid in skin-tightening. Ingredients such as collagen, retinol, and peptides all serve this function well and are especially good at targeting under-eye skin.

While peptides send signals to produce more collagen, retinol enhances elasticity, and collagen enhances the skin's firmness and structure. When working together, they act as a potent non-surgical skin-tightening treatment option. 


A well-known treatment for skin-tightening involves using ultrasound waves to penetrate deep into your skin’s layers to stimulate elastin and collagen production. This results in the skin tightening and becoming more firm. 


This treatment allows a dermatologist to target specific areas. Needles are inserted into areas of loose skin to heat up the tissue beneath and tighten the skin rapidly. In some cases, results can be seen in a month, while others see a bigger difference in less than a year of frequent treatments.

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How Can You Tighten the Skin under Your Eyes? Non-Cosmetic Solution

You will see noticeable results in skin-tightening if you use an eye cream long-term and regularly. The best eye creams contain a good combination of peptides, collagen, and retinol alongside yerba mate. Yerba mate decreases puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles, helping the eyes look healthier.

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Wrap-Up on Skin-Tightening Treatments

Tightening your loose skin doesn't have to be solved with an overly invasive surgery. It's often recommended to try other non-surgical routes before surgery. Skin-tightening creams and eye creams can help treat areas of loose skin.

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