Pro-Aging Skincare for Those over 60

Pro-Aging Skincare for Those over 60

According to statistics, most people older than 35 believe that anti-wrinkle skin creams work, with an estimated 60 percent of individuals older than 45 using these creams regularly. 

However, even though people believe in skincare creams to help maintain healthy skin, numerous people don’t stick to a skincare routine. Countless people especially those older than 60 don’t use the products or routines that help improve how their skin looks and feels. Luckily, there is hope. 

If you’re in your 60s or older, there are a few pro-aging skincare tips you can follow to care for your skin and prevent it from feeling dry, irritated, or uncomfortable. Here’s what you need to know.

Pro-Aging: How to Maintain Healthy Skin for Those over 60

To maintain healthy skin and have an easier time being comfortable with the skin you’re in regardless of age, you need to follow a good skincare routine. 

This routine needs to include products like an intensely hydrating eye cream, moisturizer, retinol, sunscreen, and vitamin C. 

We’ve discussed why these are the key products below: 

1. Eye Cream

When practicing skincare, many people forget to use eye creams. This is one of the most important skincare products since it helps you embrace your age while reducing the unwanted appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your delicate eye area. 

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2. Moisturizer

When we are in our 60s or older, our skin loses moisture and becomes dry. A moisturizer with the right ingredients specifically created for mature skin will help hydrate and prevent dryness.  

3. Retinol

When you’re older, you need stronger skincare ingredients like retinol. Fortunately, many skincare products contain retinol, which is a form of vitamin A. This ingredient will help boost your skin’s collagen production to help you get rid of fine lines. 

4. Sunscreen

Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays are incredibly harmful to the skin regardless of age but especially to those with older skin. This is because older skin is looser and thinner, with less elastin, collagen, and moisture. 

If a sunscreen with a high SPF rating isn’t used, your skin will become damaged, which could lead to the development of new fine lines on your face.

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5. Vitamin C

Protecting your mature skin from free radical damage isn’t as difficult as it might seem. You only need an effective vitamin C skincare product, like a serum. 

This is because vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, so it’s proven to be effective at protecting against free radical damage. It’s also helpful in brightening the skin and eliminating dark spots. 

Wrap-Up on Pro-Aging Skincare for Those over 60

Now you know more about the key products you need to have in your skincare routine for mature skincare when you’re in your 60s and older. With these products and a solid morning and evening skincare routine, you’ll have no trouble maintaining healthy skin.
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